Q: How does Elixirin™ Energy Formula work?

A: Cell is the basic building block for human body. A human body consists of ten of trillions of cells. Each cell contains many mitochondria, which serve as a mini-power plant to generate energy (ATP) that the body needs for all biological activities, such as muscle movement, heart beat, metabolism, brain function etc. Acetylcarnitine and alphalipoic acid are two important components in mitochondria to facilitate metabolism of fatty acid and carbohydrate to generate ATP. In addition, green tea polyphenols and alphalipoic acid are potent anti-oxidants, which can effectively reduce the oxidants and free radical levels in the body.

Q: Who should take Elixirin™ Energy Formula?

A: Following people and patients are suitable to take Elixirin™ Energy Formula regularly.

  • Under high mental and physical stress
  • With fatty acid and carbohydrate metabolism problems (such as over weight, high blood fat and glucose)
  • Just had surgery or chemotherapy
  • Experiencing frequent fatigue and memory loss symptoms

In addition, Elixirin™ Energy Formula may benefit people with cardiovascular and endocrinological disorders.

Q: Are there any adverse effect if I take Elixirin™ Energy Formula long term?

A: No

Q: Are there any adverse effect if I increase or decrease the daily dose?

A: For patients just had surgery and chemotherapy, they can take 5-6 tablets a day for the first two weeks and then go back to 3 tablets a day. Reduced dose may compromise the effectiveness of the product.

Q: Who should not to take Elixirin™ Energy Formula?

A: Pregnant women and children under 12 years old should not take Elixirin™ Energy Formula or consult doctor before taking Elixirin™ Energy Formula.

Q: What is the best way to take Elixirin™ Energy Formula?

A: Three time a day, take with food.